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Whether you prefer being in, above or next to the water,
the Swanny Ocean Classic has something for you
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One of the premier swims on the open water swim calendar and the centre piece of the Swanny Ocean Classic. Join around 1,000 other swimmers as they make their way from iconic Cottesloe beach to legendary Swanny.

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Give your core a workout and paddle your SUP for the 2.2km's between Cott and Swanbourne. Good news is that you get to go first and avoid all of the swimmers.

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The only of its kind in WA. For those of you who know how to paddle a racing mal give those triceps a test and paddle from Cott to Swanny. You'll smash it out in no time!

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What are your legs like on sand? This is a fun 2km run from Cott to Swanny. Get your friends along and give it a go.

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