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What date is the Event?

Saturday 3rd February 2024

What are the events for this event?

There are 4 separate events this year:
 - 2km swim
 - 2km SUP
 - 2km run
 - 2km racing mal
How much does it cost to enter?
 - Swim $45 (early bird discount available)
 - SUP  $30 (early bird discount available)
 - Mal  $30 (early bird discount available)
 - Run  $30 (early bird discount available)

Note that if you decide to leave things to the last minute you can register on the day for an additional fee. We'd highly recommend registering beforehand though, as it is much easier for everyone involved

When do online registrations close?

7PM Friday evening beforehand

What are the start times on the day?
7:00am Registrations open
7:30am Race briefing
7:45am Racing mal start
7:50am SUP start
7:55am Run start
8:00am Swim start (first of 3 waves)
Can I compete in more that one event?
Hmmm that would be tricky as some of the events occur at the same time.
What is the course?
It's pretty simple. You start at Cottesloe and make your way to Swanbourne. The actual course depends on whether you are in the water (swim), on the water (SUP or racing mal) or next to the water (run).
The course is around 2km long, starting immediately in front of the Indiana Tearooms and finishing in front of the Swanbourne Patrol Tower.
The swimmers, SUP and racing mal events have a 'water start'.
What is a water start?
A water start involves all entrants lining up in the water and upon the start signal (air horn or something similar) start swimming. The water start for the Swanny Ocean Classic will be near the pylon. We'll make this clear in the event briefing on the morning of the event. An number of rescue craft will be located in the area to provide safety, keep everyone in line and provide light to medium banter until the air horn is blown. A countdown usually precedes this ('2 minutes'... '1 minute'... '10, 9, 8 ...' etc) to give participants plenty of warning.
Below is what this all looks like...

Please note that whilst we have a number of waves (ie. groups of swimmers that go off at different times), it can get a bit busy on the start line. This can result in a some arms and feet clashing if everyone is in a big rush. Our advice, just chill and give yourself adequate room on the start line based on your ability.


Which wave will I be in?


We split people up based on their expected swim time (which you nominate when you register online). You'll find out which wave you're in when you register on the day, which is one of the reasons why it's super dooper important to turn up on time.


Can I wear a wetsuit?


You can, but you'll be ineligable for any fortune or glory (prizes or placings).


How will I know when the swim is over?


There will be a unique buoy to mark the spot where you need to turn towards the beach. We'll tell you the colour of this on the day. Should you swim past this buoy for some reason, we will have a stack of people in rescue boats and on boards to kindly point you in the right direction. In fact, we'll have such people all along the course to help you keep going straight. Wouldn't want you swimming to Rottnest!


Who runs the event?


The event is run by the awesome Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Life Saving Club.


What do the entry fees pay for?


Great question. A lot goes into the preparation and operation of the event. From the timing chips, equipment and facilities, the costs do add up. Anything left over goes towards the operation of the Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Life Saving Club.


When do entries close?


Finding it hard to commit? We recommend registering today. Get into it!

You can register online as per above. You can also register on the day, but be sure to get to Cottesloe beach super early. Get onto out mailing list to keep notified about all of this.


Is there a minimum age for taking part?


There is. Check out the ages below (age on the day of the race):

  - Swim: 12 years old

  - Run: under 10 years old, must run with a parent

  - SUP: under 12 years old, must be accompanied by a parent

  - Racing mal: Need an SRC qualification if under 16, otherwise everyone is welcome (don't need to be Bronze Medallion proficient).


Obviously you need to be physically fit and sufficiently trained for this event. Swanbourne Nedlands SLSC will contact the guardians of younger participants to confirm their ability and that the guardian will also be completing the event. Note that lifesavers shall have the ultimate and final authority to remove a participant if they are judged to be incapable of finishing without the risk of injury.


How do I get my gear from the start to the finish?


Whilst it's always good to have someone spectating / cheering you on (and to carry your goodies), we also provide a large van and trailer to transport your gear from the start line to the finish line. The van and trailer will be parked immediately in front of the Indiana Tearooms / Cottesloe SLSC Boatshed between 7:00am and 8:00am prior to the start. The van and trailer will then make its way to in front of the Swanbourne Nedlands Surf Life Saving Club Clubrooms for the finish of the event. Please do not leave valuables in your bag. Please clearly write your name and contact details on your bag or have a distinctive bag so you can determine which bag is yours at the finish.


How do I get from the finish line back to that start?


We cannot provide transport between the start and the finish or the finish and the start. If you are swimming with others arrange to leave one car at the finish and transport your fellow entrants and leave a second car at the start. Please be wary of parking restrictions on the day.


The walk back to Cott from Swanny is a pretty good one, either along the beach or the concrete path along Marine Parade.


What is a racing mal?


It's a racing malibu, unique to Surf Lifesaving. Look, if you're asking this question it's probably best that you don't take part in this discipline.


What are the rules on the board (SUP or Racing Mal)?


Anything without a motor should do it. And Molokai's are prob a bit fast for this event. If you're super keen on competing in a Molokai race and know a few others who may also be keen and we'll see what we can sort out.

In the SUP and Racing Mal events do I need to take my board across the line?

Yes. To finish, you must cross the finish line with your board.

Did we miss something?

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